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Can i download VS 2012/2013/2015 Help in the same location ?

first post: ir_tech wrote: Is it possible to download all help versions 2012,2013 and 2015 in ...

Doesn't work behind Proxy with authentication

first post: AndreyAlifanov wrote: When I launch program, it writes "Downloading please wait...". A...

latest post: melgoth wrote: to successfully download the help files I needed the same settings ...

How to view the downloaded files?

first post: erikroyall wrote: What program do I need to view the download zip files, etc.

latest post: Trivalik wrote: I have installed VS2015, but I have not the Help Viewer 2.2. Can yo...

Locale always "en-us"

first post: Drakosha wrote: I download RUS locale, but books and product save as ENG

Visual Studio 2013 document doesn't appear in list of books available for download

first post: EthanMattx wrote: Visual Studio 2013 -> Help menu -> Add and Remove Help Content. I...

Where is the VS2010 help downloader ?

first post: plangevin wrote: The page on CodePlex doesn't seems to exist anymore. Or do this V...

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